Projects in need of funding

There are many school projects for the P&C to support for our children's benefit. Your involvement, big or small, is welcome to bring these to life.

Below are some projects under consideration by the P&C.

  • Grounds

    • Cold water bubbler closer to oval and/or playgrounds

    Currently there is one cold water bubbler, next to the canteen/hall. It sounds like there are queues for it in summer. It would be great to have one or two more closer to the oval or play equipment.

    • Shed or roof over bike racks

    To protect bikes on hot days or in heavy rain. Especially as e-bikes etc become more popular.

    • Stainless steel hot plates and covers for P&C BBQ

    The current BBQ needs a cleanup. Stainless plates would stay much cleaner and last longer with covers / lids.

    • Artwork or ground paintings in playground areas

    Perhaps a world map, planets, hopscotch options, any other educational artworks?

    • Line marking on main oval

    The kids would like this, however it would take some regular maintenance, estimate would be monthly in warmer months and every 2-3 months in cooler months.

    • Real basketball hoop in k-2 quad play area

    It would be great for the kids to have their own real hoop. There is currently only the play bucket in this area.

    • Nets on big soccer goals for yr4-6 kids

    Kids are constantly chasing balls through the goals.

    • 2x small fold up goals for yrs 1-3

    Year 1-3 students often play soccer on the upper oval grass area and currently use the sand pit posts as makeshift goals. Having dedicated small goals will encourage more participation in ball sports amongst the younger children.

    • Footy posts on top of soccer goal at east end of oval

    A great option for students who are keen to practice kicking for rugby league or union.

    • Long jump pit

    Just an idea to add a new sport option to the oval.

  • Uniform Shop

    Refurbishment of Uniform Shop

  • OOSH

    Supporting the school to fund a new build for the community and before/after school care.

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