Life Members

Life Membership of the WPS P&C Association is an honour awarded to outstanding members in recognition of the substantial contribution they have made to the current and future wellbeing of the school community and the P&C, well beyond that of a typically active member.

  • 2019

    Sarah Burns

    Paul Solomon

    Christina Chipman

    Leesa Vane

    Karen Youle

    Luke Burlet

    Skye Evans

    Daphne Bewley

  • 2020

    Annemarie Lidgard

    Phoebe King

  • 2021

    Bill Stephinson

    Elise Andrew

  • 2022

    Nimisha Kalimuthu

    Karen Sawarna

    Rene McAndrew

  • 2023

    Kate Read

    Alison Evans

    Tony Franklin

    Mel Franklin

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