Our Committees

Executive Committee

President: VACANT -  president@wpspandc.com

Vice President: Stuart Baxter -  president@wpspandc.com

Treasurer: Jess Kennedy -  treasurer@wpspandc.com 

Secretary: VACANT -  secretary@wpspandc.com

Acting Secretary: Michelle Lee McDonall -  secretary@wpspandc.com

Communications: Tereza Elvy -  communication@wpspandc.com

Current Head of Subcommittees

Fundraising & Events: VACANT-  fundraising@wpspandc.com

Canteen: Deb Koumans & Kim Yuzon - canteen@wpspandc.com

Band: Naomi Yorston - band@wpspandc.com

Uniform Shop: Rene McAndrew - uniform@wpspandc.com

Grounds: Chris Grabham - grounds@wpspandc.com

Communications: Tereza Elvy -  communication@wpspandc.com  

Grants: VACANT

Subcommittee Members & Volunteers

Fundraising & Events:  Claire Newel, Natasha Grabham, Tess Zwar, Silvia Searles

Uniform Shop: Kristen Wyse, Megan Walmsley

Band: Andrea Zauner, Sabrina Walsh (Finances), Alison Shearer (Performances), Maryke Steffans (Parent communications), Trim Davidson and Anthony Mork (Instruments),
Catherine Brent (Guitar Ensemble Parent Contact), Kate Mork (Band Camp Coordinator), Shelley Stone (Fundraising), Debbie Koumans (Music coordinator), Nicola Manu (Parent Helper)

Grounds: Chris Newell, Rob Wood, Andrew Chapple, Rob Smith, Rob Brussolo, Kev Searles, Bryan Marshman, Darren McHarrie


Canteen:  Adriana Teran, Alison Shearer, Andrea Zauner, Anne Lepschies, Claire Newell, Connie Yap, Deb Montelone, Denita Bigwood, Elaine Dempsey, Emily Graham (Cull), Fiona Harris, Jacqui Swanepoel, Jess Adler (Jessica Napier), Kate Halpin, Kate Tucker, Masako Sugano, Melinda Robertson, Michelle Lee-McDonall, Naomi Neale, Nikki Marshman, Ramona McHarrie, Robyn Morse, Saffron Shilling, Tamara Jarvis-Wood, Tash Grabham, Tatiana Reis-Frewer, Vanessa Smith, Vicky Gregory, Viv Phillips, Wen Madden, Eva Chubb, Megan Walmsly, Tereza Elvy, Anna Dessiaix, Cath Bradstreet, Kelly Vise, Liv Cullen, Ivy Baddock, Tracey Smart

To see all current open roles, please click bellow:

Our subcommittees are always looking for parent volunteers too, so please reach out anytime.