Fundraising & Events

Each year the Fundraising & Events team organises a wide range of fun activities for children and parents to get involved in. These events are crucial for raising funds to support a variety of school projects, programs and equipment. In the past, our school community has raised funds for new playground equipment, flexible learning classroom furniture, library resources, and new technology. Volunteering at a fundraising event is a great way to meet other parents from the same year group.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Volunteering your time in person at a P&C event or fundraiser - this could be helping to plan the event, donating goods for sale, helping to set up on the day, cooking on the barbecue, or packing up after an event
  • Volunteering your services in the preparation of a P&C event or fundraiser
  • Contribute your skill (painting, creating, catering, organising, marketing, grant writing or other)
  • Come along to the P&C meetings to share fundraising ideas.
  • Join the P&C sub-committee

      We welcome your involvement! 

      To volunteer or join Fundraising sub-committee, or to enquire as to the best way you can help, please email

      We understand that not everyone can contribute their time to a P&C. If you prefer to make a financial commitment to the school, please follow the link bellow:


      We are very grateful for any donation - big or small. Thank you for supporting our school and children.