Volunteer within the school

Volunteering is great fun and an important way to support the school, make great friends and of course, your kids love family involvement at the school. Volunteers are parents, carers, grandparents, community members.

There are many ways to get involved:

P&C Meeting

Attending a P&C meeting is a great way to get involved and find out what is coming up at the school and everyone is welcome to join. 

The P&C gets together every 3rd and 8th week of the school term for a meeting.

The meetings start at 7pm and are held: 

every 3rd week - via ZOOM,

every 8th week - in the school staffroom.


You do not have to join the committee or hold an official position. JUST COME ALONG to hear about, or contribute to, what is happening at our school. Being a member keeps you informed, gives you a voice, and gives you an opportunity to help with even just the one thing if you CHOOSE.

We would love to see YOU there and welcome new faces!

To join the P&C or if you have any questions please email: secretary@wpspandc.com.

Open P&C Roles

We’re currently looking to fill a range of positions. We extend this register of interest to our community – to parents, grandparents and other community members interested in helping out: Open Roles

P&C Meetings 2024


The canteen is open five days a week and is a fun place to volunteer, whether it be one day a week, once a fortnight, once a month, once a term or even once a year. At Wakehurst, mums, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all encouraged to volunteer as we believe it is the perfect place to meet new people and make new friends. The children are always delighted to see a familiar face behind the counter!

Sign up by clicking the button bellow or email our Canteen Manager at canteen@wpspandc.com.

Volunteer in the Canteen

Uniform Shop

We invite parents and carers to join our team as volunteers in the Uniform Shop. As a volunteer, you’ll support the shop manager with general tasks. No prior experience is required. Youre welcome to help as often or as little as you decide.

To find out more please email us at uniform@wpspandc.com or click the button below to sign up to volunteer.

Thank you for contributing to our school community!

Volunteer in our Uniform Shop


The band is a self-funded sub-committee of the Wakehurst Parents and Citizens Association and managed by a team of parent volunteers.  To operate well and share workload the committee must consist of at least 3-4 people.  New volunteers are always welcome. Weather it is to help out at the performances, band camps or weekly rehearsals.

You can also support our band by making an online donation:

🎷 Band Donation

All the funds raised go towards developing the band programs and upgrading their equipment and instruments. We are very grateful for any donation - big or small.

Thank you for your support!

For further information please email Band Coordinator at band@wpspandc.com or click the button bellow.

Volunteer at WPS Band

 Fundraising & Events

Each year the Fundraising & Events team organises a wide range of fun activities for children and parents to get involved in. These events are crucial for raising funds to support a variety of school projects, programs and equipment. In the past, our school community has raised funds for new playground equipment, flexible learning classroom furniture, library resources, and new technology. Volunteering at a fundraising event is a great way to meet other parents from the same year group.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Volunteering your time in person at a P&C event or fundraiser - this could be helping to plan the event, donating goods for sale, helping to set up on the day, cooking on the barbecue, or packing up after an event
  • Volunteering your services in the preparation of a P&C event or fundraiser
  • Contribute your skill (painting, creating, catering, organising, marketing, grant writing or other)
  • Come along to the P&C meetings to share fundraising ideas.
  • Join the P&C sub-committee

We welcome your involvement!

To volunteer, please sign up here: Volunteer Sign Up. To join Fundraising sub-committee, or to enquire as to the best way you can help, please email fundraising@wpspandc.com or click the button bellow.

*We understand that not everyone can contribute their time to a P&C. If you prefer to make a financial commitment to the school, please follow the link bellow:

WPS P&C Donation

We are very grateful for any donation - big or small. Thank you for supporting our school and children.



The Grounds Committee is a sub-committee of the P&C which works in consultation with staff and parents to maintain the school grounds.

Working Bees

The Grounds Committee organises working bees several times a year to help keep the school grounds in top shape. Working bees not only reduce overall maintenance costs to the school, they also provide a great opportunity to meet other families. 

Some working bee tasks include pruning, sweeping, weeding and mowing. Gardening experience is not required! All families are encouraged to attend at least one working bee each year. Details of upcoming working bees are advertised in 'The Billboard' and across our social media. You can also check for any available sign up by following this link: Volunteer Sign Up.

Vegetable Garden

The school also has a vegetable garden that is maintained regularly by parent and community volunteers once a fortnight on a Friday afternoon for one hour starting at 2pm.  

If you have some time to spare and would like to do some occasional light gardening, then you can sign up here:

Community Vegetable Garden Sign Up

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Grounds Committee's activities, or have some gardening knowledge, please contact grounds@wpspandc.com or click the button bellow.